Mr. God's favorite rubber duckie (weirddave) wrote,
Mr. God's favorite rubber duckie

God, it just....infuriates me so

Tonight, out at the bar, after the Ravens game, I had to listen to a man casually toss about the term nigger. A black gentleman was talking to a while girl down the bar. They seemed to be having a fine time. This....slime...was seated next to me and he was talking to another person. He wasn't talking to me, but I could hear him. What I heard was "nigger this", and "nigger that" and...and....JESUS H. CHRIST I WANTED TO PUNCH HIM IN THE FACE! Repeatedly!

Good Lord, is this 2010 or 1950? "Nigger"? Really? Really?

Look, I fully support the right of anybody to believe what they want. If they want to be a racist asshole, hey, more power to them. Seriously.

But it ruined my night (more than the Ravens did).

I have one thing to say to that racist asshole:


Fuck you and all your family and all of the misbegotten kids you may have raised. I won't wish death on anyone, but the sooner you kick off this mortal coil, the better off I will be, the better off we will be and the better off America will be. Just...fuck you. Asshole. Fuck you.

I'm pissed, can you tell?

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