Mr. God's favorite rubber duckie (weirddave) wrote,
Mr. God's favorite rubber duckie

Can I talk about my son Matthew for a minute?

First of all, he's an idiot. He's almost 16 years old, being an idiot is endemic with him. Hell, *I* was an idiot at his age. He drives me up a wall trying to deal with him. But....but....he constantly surprises me with how good a kid he is. I adopted him 5 years ago, I made him my son on par with my other son Jimmy, and even though I may sometimes dote on Jimmy (because it's easy to do so, Jimmy is five and I am his world) at Matthew's expense, I can never forget how great Matthew is. Tonight was a perfect case in point. Our car broke hundreds of miles from home. Matthew was expected to be stuffed into the back of a rental so we could get home. He did it with not one word of complaint. He spent almost 4 hours stuffed into the hatch of a Chevy Equinox, amongst boxes of stuff from our broken car. He was crammed into a space I wouldn't keep a dog in and he voiced not one word of complaint. I can't tell you how much he impressed me in doing so. I love the kid so much, even though I see him making same of the same mistakes I made when I was his age. That's no matter, tonight, he stepped up and did what needed to be done. I give him all kinds of hell. That's my job as a father. Tonight he exceeded my expectations. I am a very lucky man to have a teenage son who did what he did tonight. Most kids his age would be whining, but Matthew uttered not a peep, he even helped keep track of his much younger brother beside the highway while we were waiting for a taxi. I love my son Matthew, in everything except academic achievement he makes me proud of him. I'll say it for the record: Matthew, I love you and I am proud, very proud, that you're my son.

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