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That outta larn him

So tonight I took out my work laptop because I wanted to find something upstairs without going down to my office where my desktop is. I booted up, clicked Firefox, and a "restore previous session" screen came up. That's odd, I know the last time I used the computer I shut down normally. I click on restore, and what to my wondering eyes should appear but two tabs, one my teenage son's Facebook page, and one a porn video. Hmmm, thinks I, what have we here? It's obvious what's going on, Matthew has been getting up early in the morning and using my work laptop to go online, even though I have told him multiple times that he is not allowed to do that. I then notice that he's still signed into his Facebook page, so I make a little entry: "Matthew thinks that his father doesn't know that he's getting up early and using his father's work laptop to watch porn and whack off".

He's 16, and all his friends, including his GF, will now see what he's been up to. I keep telling him that he doesn't have the smarts or experience to go up against me, maybe now he'll take that lesson to heart, and with my laptop now password protected, as are the rest of the computers in the house, it's a lesson that he'll be stuck with for quite a while.

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