Mr. God's favorite rubber duckie (weirddave) wrote,
Mr. God's favorite rubber duckie

I wish I could sing

I really, really wish that I could sing. I love music, it moves me like nothing else, but I can't do it. Music moves me to actual tears. The other day I was sitting with my young son, and we were listening to the muppets Ode to Joy. He loved it, I appreciated it, and afterwords I played for him a recording of Ode to Joy with full orcharestrial accompaniment, including the men's chorus. Tears were running down my face at the beauty of it. Jimmy said "Daddy, why are you crying?" I couldn't explain it to him, so I hugged him in leau of explaining.

Here's what tears at me.

My wife is actually gifted with the ability to sing beautifully. She sings in a choir, she has sung in a better choir before. Once in a great while I have been privileged to hear her sing myself. She's BRILLIANT!

But for some reason she's shy about her singing gift. I'd kill bus loads of children to have her gift, unfortunately I have the opposite. I have the gift of murdering any, ANY music.

So. So. I sit here unable to sing. I want to sing. Sometimes I try to sing. Way back in the day I dated a girl, and I could get her to do anything I wanted by threatening to sing at her. Sometimes I try to sing, and my wife, who I'm sure is gritting her teeth at my attempts (God knows she's told me often enough that she is) to sing, just looks at me and says "I thought you loved me, why are you singing?"

She can sing. I can't. I can accept that. Given all that, what I would really like to hear, someday, is my wife unfettering her beautiful voice at me, full force. Sing to me Corrine, sing! 8 years we've been married, and I still don't know why she's reluctant to just sing to me, between me and her. I can't do it, but if I could, I would. She can do it, and where many men fantasize about women other than their wives, I fantasize about that one single time when my wife will sing, sing, to me from her heart and soul. She's got in her, God knows she's told me so and I have told her so also. I just want my wife to sing me the love song I'd like to sing to her. She'd rightly turn down that offer from me(I, as I have said, suck at singing), but she doesn't, and considering how good she is at singing, is it unusual that I would want to hear that for myself?

Please, honey, sing to me. Do it in Dallas, I'll be waiting.

I love you Corrine

I wish I could sing.

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